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Origins of Managed Care System in the U.S.

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Discuss the origins of managed care systems in the U.S. Where did they come from? Where are they now? Please include historical, social, and legal considerations. References needed.

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This is a discussion of the managed care system in the United States.

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Managed care is an approach to the delivery of healthcare services in a way that puts scarce resources to best use in optimizing patient care (Navarro and Cahill, n.d.).

According to Carlson (2009), managed care is a system of health care that controls cost of services, manages the use of services, and measures the performance of health care providers.

Lagoe, et. al (2005) reckoned the evolution of managed care systems in the U.S.:

Second half of the twentieth century:

Managed care developed in the United States as a mechanism for constraining the growth of health care costs by controlling the delivery system. This approach originated in the western United States in the form of staff model plans such as Kaiser Permanente which employed physicians and other caregivers directly. In the private health insurance industry, managed care plans controlled costs and the delivery of care by restricting hospital utilization, such as admissions and lengths of stay, by limiting access to specialists, and by encouraging healthful behaviors among subscribers.

During the 1980s and 90s:

Managed care expanded rapidly in the United States. In private health insurance, a major shift occurred from traditional indemnity insurance to managed ...

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