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Role of Stakeholders

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Role of Stakeholders

In spite of its impressive accomplishments, the U.S. health care system is fraught with problems and dilemmas. There is a growing concern that health care is a big, complex, unmanageable business. In this week's reading, six major stakeholders were identified, they are: the public, employers, providers, hospitals and other health care facilities, the government, and managed care organizations and other insurers. After reading this week's text and other references answer the following questions:

In what ways have the stakeholders contributed to make the current health care system in the United States too complex and unmanageable?
In your opinion, which stakeholder has had the most significant impact? Why?
Who should take the lead in reforming the U.S. health care system? Why?

(Answer provided in approximately 150 words.)

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The following posting discusses the role of stakeholders in the US healthcare system and the effects that they have.

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This is a great question because the stakeholders, which have a vested interest in the organization and industry, have unknowingly impacted the health care system in the US significantly. Each listed stakeholder above has played an important role in the creation of this ...

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