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Total Quality Management

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1. Define, describe, and explain the roles that the major stakeholders in an organization have in the vision, mission, and execution of a quality system.

2. Pick three (3) obstacles to TQM in an organization and describe how they are preventing TQM from flourishing in your organization. Then, recommend fixes to these problems and how these fixes can be institutionalized.

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// Before discussing the obstacles in the way of TQM in an organization, the paper will explain about the role of the key stakeholders in the TQM process. It will discuss about their role in the mission, vision and execution of the quality system in the Organization. It will enhance your knowledge about the function of stakeholders in the quality process: //

1.) The stakeholders are major key aspects in the success of an organization. The role of stakeholders is one of the key elements to achieve the goals and objectives of an organization. The employees of a company are expected to achieve individual as well as organizational goals with the support of external stakeholders. The stakeholders of a company are responsible to complete the vision, mission and execute the quality of a system.

The vision is established to identify the existence of an organization. The stakeholders are the primary source of requirements. They fill the gap between the problem and the solution. The vision of an organization is completed by the involvement of internal as well ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 641 words with references.

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