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Responsibility for Ensuring Quality of New Vehicles

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Consider the auto manufacturing processes and the various jobs and responsibilities for quality. For packaging and storage consider that the manufacturer must ship the vehicles to the dealer on a transport and that the dealer must then maintain the vehicle inventory on its new car lot. And the dealership is also responsible for the service of the vehicle via its Parts & Service Department.

Problem: discuss what each of these responsibility areas are concerned about and must do and in terms of ensuring the quality of the new vehicle.

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The responsibility for ensuring quality of new vehicles are examined.

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Total Quality Management in Auto Manufacturing Processes


Total quality management is termed as a management philosophy that focuses on quality to achieve increase customer satisfaction and eliminate defects (Hill, 2008). Total quality management aims to continuously improve organizational processes and systems thus improving value to customers. According to Hill (2008), implementation of total quality management leads to product and service quality, reduces costs, improves internal and external customer satisfaction, and increases organizational performance.

Siddiqui et al (2009) provide that every member of an organization should be involved in total quality management and that the TQM requires changes in an organization's human capital, structure, management, and culture. Quality management is a source of competitive advantage since customer awareness about quality has increased over the years (Adebanjo & McLean, 2010). Total quality management can be implemented in the manufacture of vehicles and also in the supply chain to ensure quality and improve customer satisfaction.

Total quality management in production process:

Inman et al (2003) provide that total quality management integrates quality in all activities involved in bringing a product to the market and therefore it is applicable in the auto industry. Total quality management is involved in product design and in establishing the manufacturing system. Product design should ensure that product development meets customer expectations. The production system has a significant impact on quality since operations carried out determine output quality.

One strategy to ensure quality in the manufacturing process is by conducting inspections at various stages of ...

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