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BMW Company: Core Factors for the Success of a Company

BMW Company

Review and consider what has made, and what sustains your company in its success. What makes it a great company to work for; and to do business with; and to invest in?

Choose three reasons that, for you, make the most sense as the core factors for the success of your company. (Note that for any great company, one of those reasons must be a distinctive product or service capability that consistently attracts new and repeat customers. What is it, and how did they get it.)

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BMW: Company profile

Bayerische Motoren Werke carries its operations through three divisions namely; automobiles, motorcycles and financial services (Company Spotlight, 2010). The company is known to focus on automobile and motorcycles markets across the world. The company has 24 production facilities located in 13 countries on four continents and markets products in more than 150 countries worldwide (Company Spotlight, 2010). BMW markets its products mainly vehicles through its showrooms, independent dealers, subsidiaries and importers.

The automobile division is responsible for manufacturing, assembling and marketing passenger and off road vehicles. It manufactures vehicles in three brands that include BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce. The company is also responsible for developing and selling automobile spare parts and other accessories. In the financial year 2008 BMW the company sold 1,202,239 BMW, 232,425 Mini and 1,212 Rolls Royce (Company Spotlight, 2010).

The motorcycle segment manufactures, assembles and markets BMW brand motorcycles, spare parts and accessories. The division also produces equipments such as heated grips, windscreens, chrome valve covers, satellite supported navigation systems, luggage systems and on board computers. In the financial year 2008 the company sold 101,685 BMW motorcycles (Company Spotlight, 2010).

The financial service segment deals with activities such as leasing automobiles, providing loan finance for retailers and dealers, receiving customer deposits and also offers insurance services. This division operates in more than 50 markets across the globe. Finances services for the year 2008 comprised 3,031,935 lease and financing contracts with dealers and retail customers (Company Spotlight, 2010).

Core factors for success

The first and most contributing factor to the company success is that it has a strong and attractive brand that drives sales and ensures revenue generation. Over the years the company has managed to ...

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