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Responsibility for various aspects of quality

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Think about the various jobs and positions in Starbucks and who has what responsibility for various aspects of quality. Provide detailed information discussing these responsibilities and the impact that each one has on the customer in terms of quality.

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The responsibility for various aspects of quality is examined. The impact on quality to customer is determined.

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Managing the total quality of product in an organization is of paramount importance for the success of the organization. Total quality management (TQM) is more than just controlling the quality of products in an organization; it also encapsulates the coordinated efforts that are directed at improving customer satisfaction, strengthening partnerships with suppliers, increasing participation of employees and facilitating an atmosphere of continuous improvement within the organization. These define the high quality and unique experience that customers have with products from a given companies. This paper analyses various jobs and positions in Starbucks and who is responsible for various aspect of quality in the company, evaluating the impact that each one has on the customers in terms of quality.

Company profile:

Starbucks is one of the global leading retailers of high quality specialty coffee with the company having more than 17,000 coffee shops in more than 40 countries. The coffee retail shops offers more than 30 blends of high quality coffee, handcrafted beverages such as espresso, smoothies and tea, merchandise such as coffee brewers and home espresso machines, fresh foods such as oatmeal, baked pastries, fruit cups, yogurt parfaits, salads and sandwiches, ethos water, freshly brewed Frappuccinos and premium high quality ice creams. The company licenses more almost 8000 of its stores and operates more than 9000 with most of them located in the U.S. (Starbucks coffee, 2010: Yahoo Finance, 2011). Over a million customers enter Starbucks doors every day to enjoy high quality coffee.

Responsibilities of Quality management at Starbucks and the impact that each has on the customer in terms of quality:

Starbucks hires employees in different positions within its retail shops, with each store doing its own hiring of both ...

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