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    Explain 'Spaghettios' product of Campbell's Company

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    Assignment 1: Explain products ('Spaghettios') product of Campbell's Company.
    Assignment 2: Rights vs. Social Responsibility

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    Assignment 1:

    Spaghettios is a spaghetti product which is produced by a company known as Campbell. The product is sweetened and canned and was introduced into the company back in the year 1965 (Company Monitor, 2012). This product was introduced into the company after a research was carried out and the commodity was found to be children friendly. This meant that the children had the capability of eating the pasta without actually making a mess. The main ingredients making up the spaghettios product when it was first introduced include; Tomato paste, water, enriched macaroni, salt, macaroni, flavoring, skimmed milk, citric acid and water (Campbell's soup, 2011).

    Four Ps of Marketing:

    There are various variables which are used while making a marketing decision which have the capability of affecting the existing product demand of a commodity within a firm. The variables are distinguished from environmental and competitive action variables as they are not totally under the control of a firm. The various variables are price, product, promotion, and place variables.

    Looking at the product variables, such as quality, spaghettios Commodity is considered to be of a high quality product as it has the capability of being eaten by children as the children do not make a mess while the sphaghettios commodity. Sphaghettios is known to have an original taste of pasta and a delicious cheese and sauce taste which children love. In addition to this, the commodity is available in available in different brand which attracts the customers available in the market. There is spaghettios original; spaghettios meatballs, ...

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