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    2010 Toyota & Mattle 2007 and 2010 Recalls

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    ONE-two paragraph for each.

    In 2010, Toyota recalled over five million vehicles worldwide. Discuss the impacts on the supply chain as a result of this recall. How does this recall tie to the overall strategy of the company? Also, examine the effects of the recall on the quality image of Toyota.

    In 2007, Mattel recalled millions of toys as a result of lead-based paint and supply chain issues. In 2010, Mattel again recalled over ten million toys. Analyze the impacts of such recalls on the strategy, product design, and supply chain. Do continued recalls impact the reputation of a company

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    The 2010 Toyota recall for over five million vehicles worldwide had a great impact on the Toyota supply chain management. As a result of the massive recall, Toyota had to ensure that their lead-times for all the required parts with all the associated suppliers were in line with the recall time-frame. By doing this, Toyota was certain that they will have parts available on time in order to complete the required repairs associated with the recall. Due to usually lengthy lead-times, Toyota's warehousing cost also took a hit in ensuring that they can warehouse, and manage all the excess parts. Moreover, the ...

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    This solution of 410 words provides an overview of the 2010 Toyota & Mattle 2007 and 2010 recalls, and the impact they had on the companies supply chain, and strategy.