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Lean Enterprise: Elements of Lean Manufacturing

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Conduct research concerning the elements and core disciplines of lean manufacturing and services as it relates to your organization, or one with which you are familiar.

Based on your research, address the following points:
- Briefly describe at least three core elements of lean.
- Identify which elements are required for your selected organization to move towards a lean environment.
- Describe your selected organization's vision.
- Describe how your selected organization's vision supports lean. If the organization's vision does not support lean, re-write it so that it does and describe how your new version of the vision supports lean.

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Briefly describe at least three core elements of lean.

Lean management emphasize making a task simpler and easier to perform, re-engineering processes to accommodate the physical demands on team members, increasing the speed and efficiency of the work process, maintaining a safe work environment, and constantly improving the product quality with the partnership with the supplier.
It has got elements like frequent and reliable delivery with strict quality control. Near location with the suppliers to avoid delay and to improve the coordination with the suppliers. Using latest telecommunication with the suppliers to have real time information and to apprise of the production schedule and the delivery schedule amongst themselves. Thus three core elements of lean:
? Simplifying tasks
? Increasing the speed and efficiency of work process
? Constant improvement of product quality

- Identify which elements are required for your selected organization to move towards a lean environment.
Let us take the case of Toyota. Toyota is a Japanese automobile manufacturer based in Toyota, Aichi, which also provides financial services and participates in other lines of business. It manufactures vehicles under the brand names Toyota, Hino, Scion and Lexus, and owns a majority stake in Daihatsu, and 8.7% of Fuji Heavy Industries. The company's Toyota automobiles are well regarded for their longevity and reliability.
Toyota Motor Corporation is engaged in the design, manufacture, assembly and sale of passenger cars, recreational and sport-utility ...

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900+ words describe the core elements of lean as well as how to move an organization toward lean enterprise.

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