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    Just In Time, Lean, MRP

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    Identify and discuss some of the main elements of lean thinking and just-in-time.
    How can these concepts be used for effective planning and control of an operation?
    How are these two concepts (lean thinking and just-in-time) different from the materials requirements planning (MRP) system?
    How can these differences be overcome to achieve the benefits of both lean thinking/ JIT and an MRP system?

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    The main elements of lean manufacturing or lean production are systematic elimination of waste in a manufacturing process. Typically the lean operations remove waste from excessive transport, inventories, unnecessary motion, waiting, over processing, overproduction, and defects. The main elements of just in time are improving business return on investment by reducing in-process inventory, and related carrying costs. Apart from eliminating waste lean production means identifying value stream, striving for perfection, specifying value, creating a product flow, an letting the customer pull. Just in time uses a systems approach to develop and operate a manufacturing system, organizes production so that parts are available, and ...

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