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    MRP and JIT : Feets

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    MRP and JIT each have benefits. Can they work together successfully, and how would one go about combining them at one of the Feets vendors?

    Pick a vendor type, such as shoes or apparel and relate you answer to that vendor type.
    How does shipping from China (e.g., shoes) affect your analysis?
    Can the result be a pull or a push system?

    Attached is a Feets' scenario: (see attachment).

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    Step 1
    MRP and JIT can both work together. MRP will ensure that materials are available for production and products are available for delivery. Also, MRP will make sure that there are lowest possible inventory levels in the factory. MRP will help plan manufacturing, delivery, and purchasing activities. At the same time JIT will help reduce waste, overproduction, waiting transportation, inventories, and making defective products. JIT also will help the firm respond quickly to orders.

    These can be combined at one of Feets vendors. If the vendor combines MRP and JIT, it will help the vendor ensure that materials are available for production and products are available for delivery to customers, maintain the lowest possible material and product levels, plan manufacturing, make efficient delivery schedules, and make good purchases. The vendor will also gain through reduction of wastes and inventory. The vendor will also experience a reduction in lead time which will make him attractive to Feets.

    Step 2
    The vendor type which has been picked is a shoe vendor. The vendor makes shoes at his premises. The supplier uses his manufacturing practice knowledge and designs new colors and styles. MRP helps because of superior planning during the ...

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