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Total Quality Management

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Explain the relationship between Total Quality Management and Sustainability. Requirements:

· Define Total Quality Management.

· Define Sustainability.

· Compare and contrast Total Quality Management and Sustainability.

· Explain why Total Quality Management is relevant when implementing ISO 14000 principles.

· Describe how Total Quality Management and Sustainability positively and negatively affect all stakeholders.

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Total Quality Management and Sustainability

Â? Define Total Quality Management.
Total Quality Management is an approach to implementation of programs for quality improvement in a company. It refers to the management of a company with a focus on quality improvement that involves all the employees of the company. It is a commitment to develop processes in the company that enables the achievement of high quality and improved customer satisfaction. Total Quality Management refers to program that is committed to continuous improvement of quality of its products, services, and processes.

Â? Define Sustainability.
Sustainability means striving to give the best results for human and natural environments both now and in future. This means using the ecosystem in such a manner that satisfies present human need without destroying or jeopardizing the needs or option of the future inhabitants. This means meeting the needs of the present without putting at risk the ability of future generations to satisfy their own needs. Usually, sustainability is achieved through planned maintenance of ecological processes, functions, biologicl diversity, and productivity.

Â? Compare and contrast Total Quality Management and Sustainability.
Total Quality Management is focused on an organization whereas the focus of sustainability is towards the environment. The concentration of Total Quality Management is to improve quality of production, services, and processes, whereas, sustainability is concentrated on changing civilization and human activity so that the future generations are able to enjoy the ecosystem we have today.

The center of Total Quality Management is ...

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