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    The Evolution of Strategic Management and TQM

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    In addition to your readings, use the article below , to answer the following question.

    Calingo, L. M. R., (1996) 'The evolution of strategic quality management', International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 13 (9), pp.19-37 (Attached).

    What are the arguments for integrating TQM with the process of strategy formulation? Do you agree with this approach? Give reasons for your answer.

    I am looking for 550-750 words to help me get started on this question. I would also like three academic sources.

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    It is important to integrate total quality management (TQM) into strategy formulation in order to improve the overall quality of the organization. It would be a mistake to assume that total quality management is of use merely in one portion of the business, for instance, production, because quality must be central to the organization's culture. As the case study illustrates, "management by policy (hoshin kanri)" (Calingo, 1996) is key to incorporating quality improvement across the organization.

    The benefits for integrating total quality management with the process of strategy formulation are many. Quality standards impact the manner in which employees and customers interact, as well as the reputation of the organization. Quality standards impact whether there is waste in the organization's process, in the form of errors, poor organization, defective products, or unhappiness.

    Jarrar and Aspinwall (2012) point out that total quality management requires the support and commitment of employees and top management. In order to ensure that the "last man" understands the integration of quality into the strategic formulation, employees must be "encouraged to be pro-active in identifying and addressing quality related problems" (Murray, n.d.). By doing ...

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    This solution gives arguments for integrating total quality management with the process of strategy formulation. Includes APA references.