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    Strategic Quality Management

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    This is a discussion of question. The reference article is for the analysis, while typical article analysis is not applicable here, so please use it as supplementary material.

    Use the article below to answer the following question.
    1. How important is the concept of quality in strategy formulation?
    2. Justify your answer by referring to real examples from your own company or a company you know well.

    Note: A briefly article analysis is still needed, but not the center of task, please focus on the question itself.

    Calingo, L. M. R., (1996) 'The evolution of strategic quality management', International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 13 (9), pp.19-37.

    1. Due time is Friday morning;
    2. 550-600 words or more (the more the better);
    3. Include conclusion or summary;
    4. Rea time example is preferable
    5. Academic reference with reference list;
    6. If any question is related to personal aspect, just use your own experience
    7. Please remember that article analysis is still needed, but not the center of the task.

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    1. How important is the concept of quality in strategy formulation?

    - "Research has shown that companies that furnish quality products can charge more for their products, with resulting higher profit margins" (Calingo, 1996, p. 19)

    - When quality increases, so do profits, most generally. This shows a link between the importance of quality to customers and how much of a product they will purchase if they believe the quality is high or not. (p. 19)

    - For organizations, an increased profit is the overall goal and is always part of strategic planning. "Data show that improvement in product quality has a stronger relationship to increases in market share than does price" (Calingo, 1996, p. 19). When the quality increases, so does the profit. A deduction can be made that quality is directly involved in strategic formulation for organizations as it will likely result in an increase in profit.

    - An organization wants to be well-positioned within their market and one that does not accept that quality is a main part of strategy will not be well-positioned. (p. 20)

    - Total Quality Management (TQM) is a vital piece of strategy formulation and sustainable ...

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