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    Total Quality Management - Kudler Foods

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    Discuss whether Total Quality Management is a strategic level objective for this organization.

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    Total Quality Management (TQM) is a management strategy carried out by an organization with the aim of embedding awareness of quality in all organizational process. Boje, et al, (1993) argued that Total Quality Management has a wider application than that of assuring product and service quality but also it is a way of managing people and business to ensure complete customer satisfaction at every stage internally or externally.
    Kudler's mission is to provide their clients with the finest products from all over the world. The company's entire strategy is based on this mission. Kudler carefully selects staff and products that will both purvey this message continually to all those that choose to shop there. The quality of the entire experience from the time a customer enters into the store all the way until that customer pulls a Kudler product from their refrigerator to share it at their next dinner party is the responsibility of the strategic plan. The plan must be well organized, managed, and regularly reviewed for improvement. Quality is in fact what Kudler is selling. Drucker (1992) pointed out that Total Quality Management is an approach to improving the competitiveness, flexibility, effectiveness and understanding each activity and removing all wasted effort and energy that is routinely spent on an organization. The concept of good and services being "good enough" is considered inadequate in Total Quality Management and implementing it is being proactive concerning quality ...

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    The solution discusses whether total quality management is a strategic level objective for this organization.