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Product Launch

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Product - Kudler Fine Foods
Domestic - Japan
International - France

Develop a product launch plan for the above two markets. Each topic should consists of at least 250 words each - total of 750 words.
* Market Needs
* The competition
* Marketing objectives and marketing strategy

Thanking you in advance for your help.

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* Market Needs:
The domestic need for Kudler Fine Foods in Japan is for products like high quality pastries, miso paste and fishcakes. Further, the market in Japan has needs for products like savory crackers, regional sushi variations and Japanese sweets. These must be of the best quality and should have a traditional Japanese taste. The Japanese market also has a need for pickles and tofu skin. These must be carefully prepared to keep up the reputation of Kudler Fine Foods. Further, there is a demand in the Japanese market for oden ingredients, grilled fish and fresh crabs. There are many food items that are unique to the Japanese market. These ingredients need to be sold by Kudler Fine Foods. These include soy-milk, spices and rice crackers.

The market needs for France are very different from those of Japan. These include boudin noir and strong smelling cheese of different varieties. The grocery requirements of the French are relatively simple like squid and prepackaged eggs. The French are environment conscious and so Kudler Fine Foods should use only eco-friendly grocery bags. There is a strong need in the French market for imported products like spice mixtures, wheat germ, chutneys, herbs, soy products and dried beans. The gourmet items that Kudler Fine Foods should import for its French stores are fried fataya pies, tabouleh salad, spring rolls and ...

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