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    Kudler Fine Foods

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    Perform a product launch.

    · Kudler Fine Foods wants to perform a product launch of Gourmet Olives in Greece.

    · Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper explaining the following:

    o Market needs

    o Market growth

    o A brief SWOT Analysis

    o Competition

    o Product offering/Product definition

    o Product identification

    o Justification for choice of product

    · Format your paper according to APA standards.

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    o Market needs
    There is a strong market need for gourmet olives in Greece. The Greeks use olives with different dishes. Olives are consumed in Greece with different dishes like fish, feta, domades and tzatziki. Kudler Fine Foods has an excellent opportunity to market gourmet olives in Greece. Through out Greece olives are used in different food preparations, however, gourmet olives have the potential of realizing a premium price for its products. In each of the areas of Greece namely Macedonia Epirus, Trace, Thessaly, Euboea, Peloponnesian territory and Athens there is an increasing demand for olives with meals.

    o Market growth:
    Greece market is growing as there is an increasing awareness of gourmet olives. Currently, gourmet olives are eaten in greater numbers in salads, pizzas, pasta dishes, breads and casseroles. Some of the gourmet olives are eaten stuffed with jalapenos, garlic, and almonds. One of the strongest market growth is for calamon gourmet olives. There is however, an increase in the growth of demand for sevaillano from Spain and luque from France.

    o A brief SWOT Analysis
    Kudler Fine Foods has the strength of marketing the finest gourmet olives in Greece. Its olives are imported from France, Spain and California. Kudler Fine Foods olives have the finest quality because they are allowed to ferment ...

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