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Total Quality Management

Huffman Trucking History

I have to prepare a 500 word paper in which I identify and analyze the strategic plan of the selected organization and the role of TQM in that organization's strategic plan. I have to address the following items:

1. Discuss whether Total Quality Management is a strategic level objective for this organization.
2. Identify what impact globalization may have on the organization's total quality management position.

Selected organization
A native of Cleveland, Ohio, K. Huffman founded Huffman Trucking in 1936 with a single tractor-trailer. The growth of the company was the direct result of World War II and the increased demand for carrier services between factories in the Midwest to ports on the East Coast.

By 1945, the fleet had increased in size to 16 tractors and 36 trailers. The business relationship forged with the U.S. Government continues today.

Huffman Trucking continued to grow from internal sales and the acquisition of five Eastern regional carriers. This growth has enabled Huffman Trucking to continue to be privately held.

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TQM is a strategic objective for all the organizations in today's competitive business world, be it Huffman Trucking that plans to foray into international markets or any other organization. This is because the ultimate aim for any organization such as Huffman is to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction and such objective is hard to achieve without a comprehensive Total Quality Management program.

TQM has to be embedded in all the programs of Huffman to achieve its intended goals and thus, becomes an integral element of the strategic plan. From strategic point of view, TQM is extremely essential to enhance the corporate image, quality of operations and customer service and thus, overall positioning of the firm in the ...

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Discuss whether Total Quality Management is a strategic level objective for this organization.