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    Regulatory Issues and Requirements in Strategic Plans

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    What are some examples of regulatory issues that affect the controlling aspect of a strategic plan?

    What are some examples of organizations that have failed to comply with regulatory requirements in controlling their strategic plans?

    What were some of the repercussions that these organizations have faced?

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    Controlling & Regulatory Issues

    The process of Strategic Management makes it clear that a strategy is formulated on the basis of several assumptions. Strategic controls take into account the changing assumptions that determine a strategy, continually evaluate the strategy as it is being implemented and take the necessary steps to adjust the strategy to the new requirements. Strategic controls are early warning systems and differ from post-action controls, which evaluate only after the implementation has been completed.

    Various Regulatory issues affect the controlling of a Strategic Plan. The Regulatory issues related to the controlling, affects the performance of the company. One of the examples of the issue is the cutting labor ...

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