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Purpose and role of an IS steering committee

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What is the purpose and role of an IS steering committee, or advisory board?

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I. Team Responsibilities

- Identify technology initiatives that will support strategic and business plans.
- Review the need for specific technology initiatives.
- Prioritize technology projects.
- Review RFPs (Requests for Proposals).
- Review all technology requests that exceed either $5,000 in estimated cost, or 30 man hours.
- Review any project request (regardless of above criteria) anticipated to delay existing projects.
- Prioritize training requirements to best leverage technology.
- Oversee implementation plans.
- Oversee implementation of technology initiatives.
- Manage results.
- Regulatory review and reporting requirements

II. Key Responsibilities of ...

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This posting helps discuss the purpose and role of an IS steering committee or an advisory board. The main concepts discussed include team responsibilities, key responsibilities and committee members, and the framework for IT projects. The explanation is given in point form, with 409 words.