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    Presentation to a judge: Why a new drug court is needed

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    Please help me with ideas and strategies for a presentation to give to a federal judge (who is volunteering to be a county drug court judge also) and the steering committee starting up a new drug court for the area. I attended a week of drug court and have to come up with my own idea for a presentation. Also, we viewed teen court where the teens are judges by teens who want to be attorneys and they take it very seriously.
    FYI, I took a lot of real estate guides from the area we attended (Florida) that I could incorporate but I don't want to focus on the poverty issue.

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    First, think about what kind of information you want to present....Will it be "big picture" historical and/or "trend" information, or do you want to tackle specific sociological issues in detail? Get your head inside the mind of the judge...what does a judge care about? What would be useful for a judge to know when doing their job? If your peers are going to cover specific sociological issues like poverty, housing, etc., then perhaps you want to do a "big picture" piece? Whatever you decide, it needs to be something you are interested in, or your presentation will not seem sincere.

    To come up with really good ideas I would need to know more about the purpose of the project. For example, is the ...

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