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Steps to build presentation for a new drug court.

Please help me begin a research project that I have to present to a judge and my internship professor.

The title: Challenges between agency and system level practitioners and opportunities for cooperation.

Can you help me with an outline and who I should be contacting without going through my professor? This is for a new drug court starting up in the area.

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To make a good outline, as well as a manageable project for you, we need to break this up into logical pieces. Here are some general ideas, feel free to add or subtract as you see fit. Above all, it should make sense to you, so that you feel organized and in command of your presentation.

1) Introduction:
The Introduction should include a quick overview of the purpose of drug courts, and how this is best accomplished through cooperation between the courts and community agencies. For example, this site has a really nice synopsis:
You will also need to describe who, exactly, you mean by "agency and system level ...

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This solution focuses on the steps necessary to build a presentation in support of cooperation between agency and system level practitioners for a new drug court and possible challenges. Internet sites are given to support each step. The text contains 412 words.