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    Human Resource Management Plan and

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    I need to develop documentation for human resource professionals to manage deputy probation officers in the U.S. I need for these materials to assist HR professionals in choosing, training, and developing sucessful probation officers for a department. At least one human resource journal must be referenced along with at least one reputable website for human resource professionals. The following five deliverables must be addressed for the position of probation officer: executive summary, presentation of job analysis, tips for the selection process, A SCRIPT FOR ORIENTATING NEW EMPLOYEES, and a training proposal.

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    1. The deputy probation officers will be required to enforce the conditions of the court orders and release licenses:
    2. The deputy probation officers need to inform the offender of the consequences of the crime on the victim and the society at large;
    3. The deputy probation officers need to evaluate the risk the offender poses to the public at large.
    4. The deputy probation officers need to work with offenders, victims, police and prison employees regularly. In addition, they have to work with independent and voluntary sector partners, housing departments and local authorities.
    5. The deputy probation officers need to develop a relationship with the probationers to carry out the court order.
    6. Verify the current information about the offender from collateral sources.
    7. Evaluates the probationers and refers them to community agencies for special services.
    8. The deputy probation officers ...

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