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Administrative Policies

Criminal justice agencies experience shifts and trends in the number of crimes committed and the amount of resources it takes to properly administrate the handling of caseloads. For example, it may be that 80% of the crimes that occur in a certain jurisdiction are misdemeanors, which are the least egregious types of criminal acts. However, the remaining 20% of the crimes that are felonies burdens the criminal justice system as much or more than misdemeanors. Felony cases require more resources, such as court appointed lawyers, to guarantee the Sixth Amendment right to counsel. It also requires the resources to support a jury trial, including court officers, staff support, resources in the event of a sequestered jury, and others. After a conviction, the resources are also extensive, requiring actions from probation and parole officers, periodic drug testing, and employment counseling.

Consider the following:

You are the court administrator for a large county court. Under the court system, the circuit courts handle felony cases, and the district court handles misdemeanors. You have received a federal grant to purchase a new computer system that will make cases become paperless. From the initial arrest through parole, the system allows for a completely electronic file, which can be accessed by all areas of the criminal justice process. However, there is only enough money to implement the system in one part of the court, either district or circuit.

For this discussion board, you are to write an email explaining to the county commission your decision regarding where you will implement the system. Choose a side and present a well thought out rationale for your action. Explain where it will provide cost savings, where it will improve efficiency, and how it will benefit the players in the criminal justice system.

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I will implement the system in the circuit court. The reason is that felonies require many processes and the computerization of these processes will considerably reduce the time of trial and also its cost. Most importantly, the cost reduction in case of using the system in circuit courts will be much higher than the cost reduction in case of using the system in district court. Even though the number of cases that are handled by the district court is higher than the number of cases handled by the circuit courts the savings will be greater if the system were installed in the circuit court. In addition, the installation of the system will ...

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