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Conflict Intensity Continuum

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Find a business issue such as conflict, organizational structure, performance evaluation etc. from your own professional work experience or the literatureâ?"articles from newspapers, business journals, business magazines, etc. and apply two concepts (total, not each) (such as conflict intensity continuum, matrix structure, inter-group development etc) in your discussion of that problem. Keep in mind that chapters XYZ deal with conflict, organizational structure and culture, human resource policies, and organizational change (and the stress that results from that change!), so find a scenario that is most applicable in those regards. Discuss the scenario and apply two core concepts.

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Conflict is a business issue that is of particular importance to correctional administration, as well as the overall structure and function of a correctional facility. From my experience in working within a correctional institution, conflict intensity continuum is a concept that is easily applicable to the myriad of different scenarios that evolve within a correctional setting, and these scenarios involve both the interrelation between the staff and inmates, as well as the interrelated nature of the relationship between front-line correctional officers, and the plethora of administrative staff members within a given institution.

A particular situation evolved within a very high level custody unit within a correctional institution, and this unit was filled with some of the most dangerous inmates within that particular state, and due to the fact that there were inmates within this unit that were known to contribute to the facilitation of riots and other disturbances, the inmates were to be closely monitored. The administrative staff at this institution seem to totally disregard the ...

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