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    Alternative Distribution Channels

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    You and your team have decided to investigate the use of alternative distribution channels. Use the Library and internet to provide one other alternative channel management technique that could help a company sell its products or services. What conclusions, both positive and negative, can you draw about alternative channel management techniques? How can this knowledge help you make better applied marketing management decisions?

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    Types of Channel Intermediaries.

    There are many types of intermediaries such as wholesalers, agents, retailers, the Internet, overseas distributors, direct marketing (from manufacturer to user without an intermediary), and many others.

    Channel Length
    A description of the size and number of levels in a channel.

    1. Zero level
    It involve direct marketing consists of a manufacturer selling directly to the final customer. Perishable, non-standardized products, High unit value products will require more direct marketing because of dangers associated with delays.

    2. One level channel
    It involves one selling intermediary such as retailer.

    3. Two level or more channels
    It involves more than one selling intermediary such as wholesaler, retailer. Generally consumer goods industry prefers this ...

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    A discussion of alternative distribution channels for marketing management.