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    Marketing Management

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    "PlayStation 3" Game Console

    In almost all cases, manufacturers find it more efficient to use intermediary retailers, wholesalers, and middlemen to transfer ownership of products to the ultimate consumer. Selecting channel(s) of distribution is a strategic part of the marketing mix strategy and must be consistent with all the other strategic decisions. It is almost always a long-term decision, with the aim of building a partnership between manufacturers and intermediaries.

    Analyze the industry's channels of distribution.

    1. Identify major channel alternatives.
    What type of intermediaries are they using?
    Which parts of the industry are using exclusive, selective, and/or
    intensive distribution strategies?

    2. Evaluate the alternatives.
    What are the economic criteria for selecting intermediaries?
    What are the control criteria for selecting intermediaries?
    What are the adaptive criteria for selecting intermediaries?

    2. Analysis of Sony Playstation 3 and Move Controller - channel of distribution.
    A) What are the major channel alternatives being used for distribution.
    B) Justify the choice of channel alternatives in terms of economic,
    control, or adoptive criteria.
    C) Describe the positioning strategy being used for each channel
    alternative, similar to examples described (specialty stores,
    department stores, discount stores, off-price retailers, superstore).
    3. Is the SonyPlaystation 3 Move a High or low added value? Broad or narrow
    breadth of line?

    The response addresses the queries posted in 940 words with references.

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 940 words with references.

    // This paper is about Play station 3 Game Console with the Move Controller industry and Sony Play station 3 and Move Controller with their channels of distribution. It will also help in understanding the criteria for selecting an appropriate channel of distribution for both.//

    Play station 3 Game Console with the Move Controller has emerged as an innovative and attractive entertainment paradise. This has come up by taking over the market of the other forms of entertainment such as radio, music recordings, newspaper, consumer books and magazines. It has registered its growth and developed gaming zone with its operation s across US, Brazil, Russia, China and India. This is made possible through major channel alternatives such as online distribution and shopping, printing game codes in books, magazines and newsletters, shipping, retailers, whole-sellers and other intermediaries (Business Wire, 2007).

    But mostly Play station companies such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are making their product available to the ultimate consumer through channels which can be classified as retail intermediaries such as mass merchants, consumer electronic stores and other retail outlets (Video Game Consoles 2007: Wii, PS3 and the Death of Microsoft's Xbox 360, 2008).

    United States is the major customer base for the Play station 3 Game Console with the Move Controller. Wireless and online gaming zones are using extensive distribution strategy. They are using publishing platforms for the distribution of the product and services across the globe with retail outlets such as Harrods. With the WildTangent.com the gaming zone is available online with the reduction in the overall cost as well as speedy operations. This has reduced the cost in the terms of packing and traditional distribution channels (Shah & ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 940 words with references.