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Future of Terrorism

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What is the future you can predict of terrorist activities around the global society? Give examples.

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The solution presents a discussion on the possible future of terrorism based on current issues and state of terrorism worldwide, proposing 5 possible scenarios/developments. A word version of the solution is attached for printing and digital use. References are also listed for expansion.

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Future of Terrorist Activities

It would seem that since the active focus that nations have given to terrorism, terrorist cells and organizations since 9-11 via the global war on terror (still being conducted in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other parts of the world where terrorism is a threat), the threat of terrorism in relation to disrupting and coercing individuals, groups and a nation by means of terror has effectively lessened in intensity. This does not mean that terrorism as a threat to order and peace is gone. Terrorism is both a tactic and a strategy primarily because the bigger side of the conflict finds no clear organization or state to fight against and via guerrilla wars, a terrorist organization can work ...

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