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The Future of Counterterrorism

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Analyze whether terrorist activities can be predicted and deterred. Analyze how the future of counterterrorism can be crafted and what can be done to ensure evolving terrorist tactics are monitored and combated. Discuss whether terrorist attacks can be completely eradicated in a country.

Analyze and identify how counterterrorism experts can develop sound models that provide theoretical warnings about probable future acts of terrorism. Identify considerations that are important in being able to develop sound counterterrorism models.

Interpret and explain whether or not it is necessary to sacrifice a few freedoms to protect national security.

Suggest which freedoms are necessary for citizens to give up in order for the country to experience true freedom or escape worry of a terrorist attack.

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Terrorism can't be predicted but it can be deterred if the United States stops engaging in the same behavior that it determines is terrorism. Until innocent men, women, and children stop dying in countries such as Afghanistan at the hands of drones and other American devices, people in these ...

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This response discusses whether terrorism activity can be predicted and some of the issues that have arisen with new prevention methods.

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