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    The Future of Criminal Justice

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    Please help so that I can complete the following:

    Write a response on the future of criminal justice. Include the answers to the following questions.
    1) Why is terrorism a Law Enforcement concern?
    2) How is terrorism a crime?
    3)What can the American Criminal Justice system do to better prepare for future terrorist crimes?

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    Interesting topic!

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    1) Why is terrorism a Law Enforcement concern?

    Terrorism is a concern of high priority for Law Enforcement mainly because the major goal of law enforcement is to protect society from harm. This is done through law enforcement agencies and law enforcement officers. In fact, law enforcement officer's duties consist primarily with the prevention, investigation, apprehension, or detention of individuals suspected or
    convicted of offenses against the criminal laws. (1) In other words, because terrorism is often large scale and aimed at hurting society, people and/or property, it is therefore a major concern for enforcement.

    In fact, law enforcement is an essential part of winning the "war against terrorism," even though most Americans think of the military actions in Afghanistan against Al Qaeda and the Taliban and, more recently, against Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq. This makes sense because of the military efforts in the multifaceted fight against international terrorism and the attention given to it in the media. However, this is at the expense of other approaches, namely the first-rate work in the law enforcement and intelligence communities and extraordinary international cooperation between U.S. agencies and those abroad. As a result, the progress made in this area has gotten far less public attention than it deserves. Nonetheless, terrorism is clearly a major concern for law enforcement, in fulfilling at least one of its purpose, mainly to protect society and its citizens from harm, as well as bringing justice to those whose terrorism has taken innocent lives. (2)

    Terrorism is a major concern for law enforcement, even more so, following 9/11attack.. For example, law enforcement was involved to apprehending and arresting one influential associate of Osama bin Laden, which has implications for the potency of the terrorist organization and the terrorist threat against the United States. An excellent example of this was when Walid Ba'Attach, who is thought to be prominently involved in planning the terror of 9/11 and the attack on the USS Cole the previous year, and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, Al Qaeda's chief of ...

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    In regards to the future of criminal justice, this solution discusses why terrorism is a Law Enforcement concern, how terrorism is a crime and what the American Criminal Justice system can do to better prepare for future terrorist crimes. Supplemented with techniques that State Legislation use to address terrorism and links for further research.