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    Changes in the Criminal Justice System

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    Evaluate past, present, and future trends in the interface between components of the criminal justice system and criminal justice connections with surrounding society. Evaluate and identify and assess recent and future trends and contemporary issues affecting the criminal justice system and the value of the criminal justice system in a changing society.

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    As society evolves, so does the criminal justice system. Law enforcement needs to be abreast of the ever-changing trends in speech patterns, dress patterns, vehicle trends, technological trends, drug trends, weapons trends, etc. Law enforcement is trying hard to bridge any gaps it may have with the community because they (law enforcement) can't be everywhere all of the time. It is extremely important to create and maintain relationships with the community and general public because so much is learned from them. Often times you will find a criminal who is willing to work with law enforcement officials, which is where much of the "educating" comes into play. Trends in California may be different from trends in New York or New Orleans. But those trends ...

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    Past, present and future crime trends. The rise of cyber-crimes.