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    What is Sacred in Criminal Law?

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    What values and beliefs about the criminal justice system do you hold to be sacred? Why? What theoretical ethics perspective supports your values and beliefs?
    How do you think you will apply a philosophy during a career in a chosen occupation?
    How do you evaluate the utilitarian, deontological, and peacemaking view in criminal justice?
    What is normative ethics, metaethics, and applied ethics in the criminal justice arena? Indicate any alterations that you may suggest to the criminal justice theories for a better criminal justice system. What changes can be made to the theories of criminal justice to ensure that ethical dilemmas can be dealt with? Support your answers with reasons and examples.

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    It is reasonable that a given person might hold values such as justice, fairness, forbearance, equality, openness and perhaps even cleverness when it comes to a life in the criminal justice system. Reasons for this would vary, of course, but they would all relate to that given person's sense of ethical continuity and a belief in the value of humanity at some level.

    How one might employ any given philosophy would be ...

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    Varied questions concerning ethical basics as applied to the law and legal system are touched upon in 284 words.