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    Building english vocabulary by studying word roots

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    What words have the following roots?
    ben, bon
    sacr, sanct
    vit, viv

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    Words on the root
    <b>Am, Amic</b>: friendly
    amiable (good natured); amiably (to behave in a way that is good natured and likeable); amicable (friendly), amity (peaceful relations, concord, friendship), amigo (a good friend), bon ami (a good friend)

    <b>Aff</b>: friendly
    affable (approachable, amiable), affection (fond or tender feelings towards or mental disposition or tendency), affinity (attraction towards)

    <b>Ben, Bon</b>: good
    benefactor (one who does good), benefaction (charitable gift or deed), beneficent (characterized by acts of charity and being beneficial); beneficial (promoting a favorable result); beneficiary (the receiver of a benefit); benefit (anything that promotes well being, and advantage); benevolence (good will towards); benevolent (kindly); bonus (added reward), benign (harmless, mild); benignant (favorable, gracious); bon bon (candy); bonanza (a source of great wealth or prosperity); bonhomie (having a pleasant ...

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    The English vocabulary by studying word roots are examined.