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Meeting the needs of CLD Students

How do educators meet the needs of students from culturally/linguistically diverse backgrounds? I've given six specific ways I help my CLD students.

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I think I can help you with this one. I am an ESL/ELL teacher, and I work with kids from every continent. Our students speak 41 languages. Some of these things are good for kids that need acknowledgement and acceptance of their cultures, and others are good for kids that need help learning English.

1. Culturally diverse literature. It's not that you need to do a "lesson," per se on every kid's background, but if you fill your classroom library with a variety of books from world cultures, it can start amazing converstations with students. It also inspires an "oh, cool!" reaction when kids learn about a new culture, rather than a "that's weird!" reaction.

2. Realia. No matter what you're studying, think about the background knowledge that your kids have. Then incorporate actual real stuff ...

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I've given specific examples from my classroom regarding how I meet the needs of my culturally and linguistically diverse students. I am an ESL teacher, so I have a great deal of experience with kids from all over the world.