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What are the sacred text used in Islamic religion and its significance?

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I understand that the Qu'ran is the sacred text used by the Islamic religion and that it is similar to the Christian bible. Are there any other common sacred text used by the religion? Please provide a brief description of the Qu'ran and any other text used by the religion?

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Hi. Here is some information which may be useful to you. I have written it in plain text below, but a formatted version is attached. I believe it is a good starting point for you to continue your studies of Muslim texts.

What are the sacred texts used in the Islamic religion and their significance?

You need to look at the following:

The Qur'an

The Holy Qur'an is to Muslims the word of God (Allah) relayed to humans through the Archangel Gabriel to Muhammad in a series of divine revelations, and Muhammad passed them on to the rest of humanity.

The Qur'an was revealed to Muhammad over many years of his lifetime, and recorded by his followers on stones and palm leaves and by people whose memories of what he said could be trusted. It is composed of chapters (suras) and they vary ...