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Sources of Law in Legal Traditions and Islamic Legal Tradition

Topic 1: Primary Source of Law in Legal Traditions
There are four legal traditions outlined in the course text. Please identify them and describe the primary source of law in each legal tradition. Explain how legal traditions are different than legal systems.

Topic 2: Islamic Legal Tradition
The Islamic legal tradition has managed to survive for hundreds of years without changing its procedures and beliefs while the world around it experiences constant change. From what you have read in the course text as well as personal research, what cultural and systemic affects can you describe as reasons for the Islamic Legal Traditions longevity?

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There exist four primary legal traditions consisting of Roman Civil tradition, Common Law tradition, Commercial tradition, and National Law tradition. These traditional laws are borne out of historical law that was formed from original Roman law that consists of different eras within the Roman law tradition. Roman-Germanic and Roman-Canonic is commonly known as civil law in today's society and the impetus for this law is predicated upon original origins of law that were formulated during the height of the Roman Empire.

What is known in the 21st century as common law was derived from a mixture of laws emanating from the combinations of thought and reason during medieval times in Europe. By combining Romano-Germanic law and reviving the ...

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This 495-word solution discusses common law, Roman-Germanic and Roman-Canonic civil law, national law in Europe, and Sharia or Islamic law.