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    Explanation of the Four Foundations of Law

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    What are the four foundations of law which are exercised globally? Briefly explain each foundation and how they might conflict with one another.

    I know they are are Islamic Law, Socialist Law, Common Law and Civil/Code Law.

    Scholarly articles are needed to support answer.

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    Islamic law is based on principles set forth by Muhammed and by the Quran. Islamic law is upheld in cultures where Islamic culture is prevalent. However, in other cultures it is relied upon to settle disputes among families, neighbors, and others who practice the Islamic faith.

    Socialist law was once prevalent in Communist nations and is based on socialist principles established by Karl Marx and other prevalent socialists (Quigley, 1989). One of the major differences between socialist law and civil law is that property belongs to the state or government, rather than to an individual. Socialist law is upheld by socialist law courts rather than by civil courts, though there is some argument as to whether such law actually exists.

    Common law is based on socially accepted practices. It is upheld by courts but is determined by outcomes of previous cases or ...

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    An explanation of the four foundations of law are determined.