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Contemporary Buddhism Practices and Foundation of the Religion

How do contemporary Buddhist practices reflect the foundations of the religion?

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Firstly you have to understand the foundations of Buddhism, and these are fundamentally the idea of the Four Noble Truths which, if you understand them properly, leading to nirvana (salvation). These are that (i) life is full of frustration, (ii) frustration is caused by desires based on ego, (iii) that there is a way to break this cycle through (iv) learning the mediative disciplines.

The Buddha was trying to get away from a number of things in the existing religious environment of Hinduism, and they are the same things that many Buddhists at present are trying to apply to their daily lives. He wanted to get away from these:

- Ritual - where people carry out practices in a routine way that is meaningless as far as spirituality is concerned. The Buddha felt that ritual was useless and only hindered people's spiritual development.

- The notion of a God - in Hinduism there were all sorts of ideas about Godhead, including polytheistic and anthropomorphic ones, and the Buddha did not believe in those sorts of Gods who interfere in human existence. ...

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