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Philosophy of Religion - Sikh and Buddhism

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1. What are Sikh beliefs?
In 450 - 600 words, compare and contrast Sikh beliefs about: God, life after death, the purpose of life, and salvation to those of Christianity.

2. An Introduction to Buddhism
In 450 - 600 words, compare and contrast Buddhist beliefs about: God, life after death, the purpose of life, and salvation to those of Christianity.

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The expert examines the philosophy of religions for Sikh and Buddhism.

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In presenting a consensus on philosophy of religion is to forming a platform of understanding to the core beliefs of the religion. By outlining the core concepts within the religion the identifiers to beliefs are more in tuned towards reaching a lasting impression on the overall religion objectives. Let's take a look at the areas of beliefs relating to Sikh and Buddhism:

Philosophy of Religion

1. What are Sikh beliefs?

The Sikh beliefs entails a more monotheistic faith that started around the 15th century by several Gurus perceived to been sent by God for delivering such a message. The main elements associated with Sikh beliefs entail the belief in one God and only one that is the creator of the Universe creation (Bains 2009). Further, the Sikh beliefs have strong reserve towards a fearless position of not identifying time and space in terms of creation from birth to the end of time of existence. The Sikh states that God is not focusing on birth as human but rather as the process towards living amongst others.

The Sikh belief system refrains from any recognizing of other gods, goddesses and deities compared to other religions from Christianity to Buddhism (Bains 2009). The deities' acknowledgment conflicts with the Sikh core belief system of one God and the only Supreme Being. The Guru is one with the only God and delivers the message of God for outlining the core beliefs towards human's lifestyles. In ...

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