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    Background Information on Buddhism References

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    Please provide information and/or resources for the following background information on Buddhism.

    - Countries/areas where more believers live
    - Important people and events in the history of the religion
    - Central beliefs
    - Nature of god
    - Scriptures/sacred texts
    - Ritual and practice
    - Ethics and morality.

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    Buddhism, as a way of thinking, began with a particular individual in the Asian continent. Now, the major countries in which it is/was predominant range from very large countries to very small countries.

    The following link will provide you with an outline of ten (10) Buddhist countries and Buddhist populations:


    Due to increased international migration, Buddhists exist almost everywhere such as in North America and the United Kingdom.

    Historical Figures and Events

    There is one man who founded what was eventually called 'Buddhism.' He is known as the "Buddha," however, he does have a common name.

    Central Beliefs

    The central beliefs to Buddhism are very particular. Please refer to the following link to assist you in getting started with answering this question:


    Nature of god(s)

    Buddhism is actually a school of thought that practices various teachings. Here you can explain why the "Buddha" established the above central beliefs.

    The following link should be able to assist you in answering this question:



    There are primary sacred texts in Buddhism. There are two major branches of Buddhism which each studies a sacred text.

    To assist in your research, the following link provides many texts pertaining to Buddhism:


    Rituals and Practices

    You will find the rituals and practices of Buddhism from the research in the previous answers.

    In the following link, you will find the major holidays with links to the articles describing those holidays:


    Ethics and Morality

    The teachings and practices of Buddhism actually explains the ethics and morality of the "religion" or "philosophy."

    The following link should assist you in articulating your answer for this section:


    Remember to copy and paste the links above (one at a time) into your browser window and then press enter (or return) in order to access the web pages.

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