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Background Information on Buddhism References

Please provide information and/or resources for the following background information on Buddhism.

- Countries/areas where more believers live
- Important people and events in the history of the religion
- Central beliefs
- Nature of god
- Scriptures/sacred texts
- Ritual and practice
- Ethics and morality.

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Buddhism, as a way of thinking, began with a particular individual in the Asian continent. Now, the major countries in which it is/was predominant range from very large countries to very small countries.

The following link will provide you with an outline of ten (10) Buddhist countries and Buddhist populations:


Due to increased international migration, Buddhists exist almost everywhere such as in North America and the United Kingdom.

Historical Figures and ...

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The solution provides online references and guidelines in researching the basics of Buddhism. This will be helpful for students who are completing a class in World Religion and require an overview of Buddhism. The resources provided assist in the research for the countries/areas where more believers live, important people and events in the history of the religion, central beliefs, the nature of god, the scriptures/sacred texts that are revered, the rituals and practices, and the ethics and morality of the religion.