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Esoteric Buddhism

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Please help on finding information for a Powerpoint on Esoteric Buddhism.

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Esoteric or Shingon Buddhism consist of doctrines and teachings that arose during the Heian period (794-1185), and transported by a Buddhist monk Kukai to China. Esoteric is the system of Vajrayan Buddhist thought and practice which evolved over the centuries. (www.wikipedia.com). Esoteric Buddhism holds that while things may not be stated verbally, they can be communicated by esoteric rituals such as mantras (words, or sounds to create spiritual transformations, mudras (symbols or ritual gestures), or mandalas (a circle or concentric diagram that has spiritual and/or ritual significance), and used in practices of meditation. Esoteric Buddhism draws from Sutra teachings or sacred texts. The texts are handed down from a lineage of ...

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This solution discusses the principles underlying Esoteric Buddhism. It describes some of the tehniques based on this Buddhist thought, and discuss these application in a contemporary context.

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