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Belief System of Zen Buddhism

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What is the basic belief system of Zen Buddhism?

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1. What is the basic belief system of Zen Buddhism?

Briefly, Zen Buddhism is one of the major sects of Buddhism. The other sects include Tibetan Buddhism, Indian Buddhism, and Soka Gakkai International (SGI) Buddhism. According to popular tradition (with a great deal of historical fact), Buddhism was carried from India to China by Boddhidharma, an Indian soldier, in the C.E. 500's. Once in China, Buddhism merged with Taoism to form Ch'an Buddhism. The new philosophy caught on and in the next 700 years it flourished in China. Many monasteries were founded, and the masters wrote a great number of books concerning Buddhism.
Zen Buddhism, however, originated in C.E. 1228 when Dogen, a Japanese monk who had studied in China brought Ch'an Buddhism to Japan, where it was called, in translation, Zen Buddhism. From Japan, Zen has spread out all ...

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