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Substantive Law & Rights Pertaining to Arrest

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Topic 1:
Substantive law plays a role in the four legal traditions. Using what you have learned from the Unit readings, discuss what some similarities and differences are in substantive law as it appears in each of the four legal traditions.

Topic 2:
discuss the procedures used in other countries to inform people about their rights pertaining to arrest. Please visit the Web link provided http://www.lawprofessor.com/miranda-rights/miranda-rights-outside-of-the-us/

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The expert examines the substantive law and rights pertaining to arrests. The procedures in other countries are discussed.

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Substantive law plays the role of discerning between the written law on the books and its legal tradition. In Roman, Civil, and Common law this is accomplished by establishing clear and concise rights and duties that define the crimes and punishments under these different forms of law. It is a bit tricky for Roman Law tradition since Civil and Common law originate from the Roman Law tradition. Therefore, many similarities exist ...

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