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Relocation Decision: Legal Systems and Policing Styles

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Your company is considering a decision of relocating to another country. Researching different alternatives for relocation.
The company is considering Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, and Germany. Review the legal system and policing style in these countries. 3-4 pages

What is the dominant policing style of each country?
How do the police in each country deal with issues of human rights? Are there any protections in place for the citizens?
Do the countries face any terrorism issues? Would a US company be at risk?
Are there any activities that are legal in the United States but are illegal in the other countries?
If an employee (or the company) were to be prosecuted for a crime, what kind of trial system (adversarial or inquisitorial) would be in effect?

After reviewing the three countries, explain
Which country's police and legal systems seem to most closely resemble the systems of the United States?
Which country would you recommend the company to choose? Why?
Use references/cite sources

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Saudi Arabia's legal law system is based upon Sharia law. This law is considered to be the law of Allah and the Prophet Mohammed; therefore, the law and religion are intertwined together with the laws being based on Islam. Islamic law and the law of Sharia are predicated upon a legal code that focuses on the intents of Islam. Islam is predicated upon the belief that the prophet Mohammed is the prophet of the land and has the will of God to issue out the will of God. Therefore, the laws are based upon eye for eye principles that are found in the Islamic code. This code is predicated upon the belief that those who do harm to others should receive the same punishment in gist that they netted to the victim. The code of Sharia law can allow for individuals to either seek monetary payment for wrongs committed against them or they can request for the perpetrator to receive the criminal punishments netted out by Sharia law.

The law code in Costa Rica is predicated upon civil law and civil law code is rooted in the Roman law tradition of civil law. Costa Rica's law code is primarily structured upon Napoleonic Code that was passed under the French Revolution. Spanish law code was rooted in the Napoleonic Code after the French Revolution when Napoleon conquered many countries such as Italy and Spain. In gist, laws that are to be interpreted in accordance to the proper meaning of their words in Costa Rica with specificity placed upon the context, history and legal records as well as the social environment that these laws will be applied in. The Court's decisions are exclusively predicated upon the law being interpreted in terms of express adherence to the original intent of the law. The realm of public law ...

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The legal systems and policing styles for relocation decisions are examined.