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    Issues and Traditions in Western Religions

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    A. Identify and briefly summarize what you believe to be the top two current issues facing each of the following religions:

    1) Judaism
    2) Christianity
    3) Islam
    b. Identify at least two sacred traditions, such as holidays, sacred locations, manner of dress, and so forth, for each of the previously stated religions. Then summarize per tradition, the significance and major characteristics of each tradition selected.

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    //Today numerous issues exist in each and every religion. To explore such issues; I am taking some religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Below, I am providing two major issues concerning each religion.//


    The two current issues being confronted by Judaism are as follow:

    Increasing marriage with non-Jews: According to a recent study conducted by American Jewish Committee, nowadays it is very common that American Jews are accepting non-Jews as their life partners as many of the Jews are having their close friends or relative who have got married with non-Jews (Epstein, 2008). In this manner, when a Jewish person is getting married with a non-Jewish, it is weakening the purity of their religion. This problem gets worse if the partner does not accept Judaism. For example, if a Jew male marries with a non-Jew female and she does not accept his religion, then his descendants are not completely Jews. Jewish population is growing very slowly and it is not able to keep even with the death rate.

    Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Israel is the country which is having majority of Jews community. Israel has been in the situation of conflict with Palestinians from many years. The primary cause of this conflict is that the Jews people want their supremacy on Israel and do not want others to have equal rights. These are Zionist Jews and they want to give non-Jews a permanent second class status. According to Zionist Jews, only Jews must be having superior rights in Israel and consider racism as a foundation of Israel. Such conditions of racism and discrimination are creating several problems in Israel but Zionist does not want to leave this issue (The History of Israel and Palestine, 2005).


    The two current issues being confronted by Christianity are as follow:

    Decline of Traditional Christianity: Nowadays, the followers of Christianity are loosing their traditional roots and they have started believing anything. Such mentality is not in favor of the Christianity because it may result into a big loss of original Christianity. Along with the Christian people, Christian churches are also facing the problem of moral decline & traditional Christianity and they are seeking to get some new identity (Saritoh, 2009). Day by day, it is getting very unclear that the Christian churches should be involved in defining the Christian faith in accordance with the world or the terms that are ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1412 words with references.