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The Patriot Act and Individual Rights.

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Your boss was recently selected to speak to a congressional committee on terrorism. In preparation for his testimony, he asked you to write a memo of 2-4 paragraphs responding to the following question he will be asked:

1.) Explain and discuss the Patriot Act and the recent laws targeting terrorists.

2.) Should terrorism remain a separate offense, or do the crimes previously in place address terroristic acts sufficiently?

3.) Some maintain that the Patriot Act crossed the line between individual rights and societal needs that transcend the Constitutional parameters. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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The Patriot Act was considered a watershed moment in the history of individual rights within the United States of America as it has overbroad statutes that enables the government to engage in practices that before the passage of this act would have been inconceivable. This is because the constitutional protections provided in the Constitution have been set aside in several of the statutes of the Patriot Act including such staples as the right to a speedy trial, the right to be prevented from unreasonable search ...

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The use of the Patriot Act in reference to terrorism is analyzed to ascertain if the passage of this Act infringed upon constitutional freedoms afforded to U.S. citizens.