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Functions of Law

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I am looking for assistance with reseacrh on the following 2 Acts:

? Freedom of Information Act (1966)
? Patriot Act (2001)

I would like at a minimum 4 paragraphs summarizing each of the laws and including the reasons the law was enacted along with some if its applications, also how the functions of law apply to each. The functions are :

? Promoting public welfare and safety by making crimes of certain activities.
? Shaping moral standards.
? Promoting social justice.
? Preventing the forceful overthrow of the government.
? Facilitating orderly change.
? Providing a basis for compromise between parties in a dispute.
? Protecting individual freedoms granted by the Bill of Rights.

Thank-you in advance.

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Assists with research on two Acts: Freedom of Information Act (1966) and Patriot Act (2001) and then addresses the question comprehensively.

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