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Four Functions of the Law

The four of the main functions of law described; discussed; with examples and opinions as to whether or not the each function of the law fullfills its purpose

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Law of some sort or the other has been a part of society since the beginning of time. Initially the main purpose of the law was of course to keep peace. As societies have grown, developed and become more complex it required the law to take on more functions as well. You are asking what are the four main functions of the law as well as an illustrative example or case study that will explain why that function does or does not fulfill its purpose.

1.) The first function of the law would be peacekeeping. The concept of people knowing that actions have consequences would through peacekeeping into a preventative measure. Those who would be tempted to commit a crime can be dissuaded simply by knowing the punishment that could be the result of the commission of this crime. Civilly there are also consequences that can prevent someone from ...

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Within this solution the four main functions of the law are identified and discussed.