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How the government balances security issues with justice

The evolution of justice and security over the 21st century may best balance rights and freedoms with vigilance and sufficient authority to protect the citizens in a free society, while respecting constitutional guarantees concerning individual rights.

Pay particular attention to balance as a concept that serves as a guiding principle in administrative decisions for justice and security operations.

· Review the cumulative issues concerning the legal environment in which justice and security administration operates.
· Evaluate the changes in technology and mass communication with the effects these have on the justice and security areas.
· Evaluate the issues involved with individual rights versus the needs of the justice system and security to maintain order and public safety.

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The guiding principle of criminal justice within the first 10 years of this century has been predicated upon the creation of the Homeland Security Administration and subsequent laws emanating from the use of legislative acts such as the Patriot Act. This act has widely broadened the government's ability to use surveillance technology when attempting to ascertain if terroristic activities are being conducted by suspected groups.

Within this legal framework exists serious questions as to whether the laws that have been implemented since 9/11 are constitutionally viable or violate the constitutional rights of the citizens the laws are supposed to be in place to protect. The supporters of this legislation and others similar to it have argued that the new paradigm of terror committed by the backers of the 9/11 attacks dictates that new ...

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This solution gives an students an in depth overview of the how criminal justice personnel has attempted to deal with legal issues emerging from the use of new technology following the 9/11 attacks. The laws implemented following the attacks in regard to the Patriot Act are discussed in accordance with their adherence to security at the cost of potential justice.