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The future of Criminal Justice around the globe.

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Identify three changes expected in the criminal justice field over the next 50 years and analyze the current state of the area or issue, the effect it will have on the criminal justice system, and your opinion whether or not it is beneficial or detrimental to society as a whole.

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Three important changes expected to dominate the landscape of criminal justice over the next 50 years with current trends already witnessing monumental changes in the way that these crimes are represented are terrorism, global organized crime syndicates, and the use of the international court to pursue heads of state and others accused of crimes against humanity. I will give a rendition of each of these future areas expected to be the mainstay of the criminal justice system in the future as well as dictate their current place and how they are attempting to be addressed by those charged with combatting these issues.

Organized crime is responsible for drug trafficking, sex slavery, prostitution, and human trafficking. This form of crime has been enabled by globalization wherein open borders have allowed criminal syndicates to exploit the global trade of people and goods for sinister purposes and illicit gains. Currently billions of dollars each year are made on the misery of people who are essentially slaves, mostly women and children, trafficked for forced ...

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This solution highlights some of the most important trends for criminal justice over the next 50 years. In-depth analysis of these trends will be provided and their importance to criminal justice will be discussed.

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